Don’t forget to dress up your dogs this Halloween holiday. We have loads of dog costume ideas for your pet throughout the pages of this website so have fun looking.

Rhinestone Rockstar Dog Costume - Dog CostumesAnd we’ll try to make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for by size, costume type, etc. – we understand completely because we are pet owners ourselves!

Every year around Halloween, I start to get into the decorating mood. This includes almost everything that I own down to even the dogs and sometimes my cat. But I do have my own set of rules for dressing up my dogs at Halloween.

First, and most importantly, I would never put my dogs in anything that I wouldn’t wear. Meaning this, I will not dress them up in what I consider to be embarrassing dog costumes or any kinds of dog outfits that might be in any way harmful or dangerous to their health or that might hurt them in any way.

Secondly, not all of my dogs get to wear costumes. Only the ones who are comfortable with them get their own pet costumes. My German Shepherd loves her Cowboy Dog Costume, and my BulldogRiders Cowboy Dog Costume - Dog Costumes doesn’t really care either way. Our new puppy just wants to chew on his, so he doesn’t usually get one. And my other GSD is a special case. He will only tolerate the glow collars, so that is his costume each year.

The third rule, my husband’s favorite for dog costume ideas, is that I cannot go overboard in either cost or creativity. If you’re anything like me there is no real need to spend hundreds of dollars on any pet Halloween costumes – and a great dog costume can be bought online easily for a good price if you shop carefully.

Usually I prefer to choose my own costumes for our dogs. It is more cost effective and I can actually put them in something cooler than my husbands not so original hot dog costumes or Elvis Presley ones like maybe a great Tuxedo Dog Costume.

Pity The Fool Pet Dog CostumeProbably my favorite so far would have to be the Yoda Halloween Costume that I bought for our bulldog last year. And he made an awesome Yoda! I do have to admit that  my husband’s family “oooooed and aaaaawed” over him like he was the king of Sheeba. And he loved it too!

I would probably have never considered incorporating my dogs into the holiday festivities except for his family. Each and every year their dogs play a large part in celebrating all of the seasons. They have eight dogs and each and everyone of them has their own styles. All of their dog costumes are chosen and tailored to fit each dog perfectly in both size and attitude.

A good example is their Great Dane. He is a clown, plain and simple. His dog costume is a jester’s collar with bells on it. And he loves to wear it too. All of the dogs who can stay calm enough get to even help hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. You can just imagine how happy this makes both the dogs and the kids!

Yoda Dog Halloween Costume - Star Wars

For me, dog Halloween costumes are more than just decorations and it does take a little creativity and thought using dog costume ideas to get it just right. Our pets are part of our family and so they get costumes just like the rest of the family.

It is the same for Christmas. Even though they can’t understand the reason for the holiday, they still get stockings with bones just like kids do and my mom’s dog always wears her Santa Dog Costume. Even they can be excited and can’t wait to get in their presents. The dogs want to be a part of things and this is just another way of letting them join in on the Halloween activities.

I imagine you feel that your dog is a member of the family just like mine and you want to include them in all the holiday festivities. That’s cool – and by browsing through all the types of pet costumes you’ll see here I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits both your dogs size and personality using all our dog costume ideas for plenty of inspiration.Zelda Tuxedo Dog Costume

Just remember, dogs aren’t like people and one size DOES NOT fit all – so read all descriptions carefully. You’ll definitely want to read the dog costume labels carefully and measure your dog to make sure that the costume will work for your own individual pet before you put it in a Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costume for example.

So, do you have any ideas in mind already for your dogs halloween costume? Looking for TV or movie personalities like Astro? Holiday or celebration specific costumes? A classic standby or maybe something totally brand new?

Chances are you’ll find it here – we have loads of dog costume ideas. So let’s get started right away! And have fun looking at all the dogs dressed up in costumes in the video below – maybe this will give you even a few more dog costume ideas.